The International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions (AICESIS) is a young developing association. Founded in 1999.

AICESIS is now composed by almost sixty members from four continents (Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe).

AICESISThe economic and social Councils are consultative institutions, including organizations representing the social partners and other stakeholders of civil society. They are essential components of participatory governance in modern societies.

The Association's objective is, with full respect towards the independence of each of its members, to encourage and promote dialogue and an exchange of views between its members and, at a wider level, to encourage dialogue between economic and social partners around the world.

AICESIS  has set itself the task of encouraging the creation of ESCs in countries which do not yet possess them. Through the AICESIS, newly set up ESCs can find a wealth of experience, good practices and assistance that they can adapt to their own economic, political, social and cultural situation and significantly improve civil society involvement in their national political decision-making process, thus strengthening social dialogue in their country.


Board meetings of the International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions (AICESIS) took place on 4 and 5 December 2011, in Amman, at the Economic and Social Council in Jordan...more»


Participation de la Conseil Economique et Social de la Roumanie dans l'Assemblée générale de l'AICESIS, qui aura lieu à Rio de Janeiro, au Brésil, le 13, 14 et 15 Juin,»
bulletMission Statement of the World Business Council - document to be submitted by the ESC Romania on General Assembly of AICESIS, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, June 14 to 15
bulletDraft overhead agenda of the General Assembly AICESIS - Rio de Janeiro 2012

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