ESC concerned by the increase in attempts to amend the Labour Code

Economic and Social Council is concerned that in recent times, the attempts to change the Labour Code has been multiplied, including legislative initiatives, an expression of group interests of individuals or entities.

Economic and Social Council appreciates that a legislative act so important for citizens, employers, trade unions and government as the Labor Code must undergo as little change during its validity, thereby ensuring the employment relationship a predictable and stable legal framework.

Economic and Social Council considers that, when the Labor Code no longer keep pace with changes in Romanian society, this legislative act should be amended, but not in any way, but through the partner involvement of Social Dialogue, so that the new form of the Labor Code be a modern.

Economic and Social Council make a call to all concerned that any proposals for amending the Labor Code to be reviewed in an institutional framework, of Social Dialogue with partners to be integrated into an overall project, the legislative framework to ensure consistency in accordance with national and ongoing European developments in the area.

Bureau of information and Public Relations

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