Forum Mondial des Affaires

Conseil Economique et Social organise "Forum Mondial des Affaires" pendant 14 to 16 Novembre 2013 au Parlement et Romexpo - Pavillon Central à Bucarest.


Veuillez noter que le Forum Mondial des Affaires, organisé par le Conseil économique et social de la Roumanie, a été reporté pour la période du 20 - 22 mars»

Dear President,

On behalf of the trade unions and employers’ confederations represented in the Economic and Social Council in Romania I have the great pleasure and honor to invite you to attend the first session of the World Business Forum (WBF), organized by the Economic and Social Council of Romania in Bucharest, at the Palace of the Parliament and the Romexpo - central Pavilion on the 14, 15 and 16 November 2013.

The debates of this WBF first session will focus on the following topic: "Promoting contacts and dialogue between economic and business communities in the world".

The board of the international association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions (AICESIS) in Seoul, South Korea, 22-23 November 2012, noted with interest the idea of the creation of the World Business Forum, a project launched by the Economic and Social Council of Romania.

This forum aims at bringing together, on voluntary basis, business people from the employers’ organizations represented in escs and similar institutions, and create opportunities to promote contact and dialogue between economic and business communities worldwide, achieve major goals of business development, and explore new business opportunities and investments, in order to create decent jobs, especially for youth and women, and promote equal opportunities for women and men.

The WBF is expected to open a new channel for economic cooperation between our countries and establish new infrastructure projects and foreign investments, thus facilitating the conclusion of cooperation agreements between represented companies. In this regard, we kindly ask you to popularize this event so that we could benefit from a participation of up to 10 companies from your country interested in developing business relations with Romania; these companies would consequently benefit from the status of WBF founding members.

We are pleased to mention that this project is enjoying the attention and assistance of senior representatives of the Government of Romania. Moreover, several ESCS or Similar Institutions have already announced their full support and participation and are expected to come to Bucharest along with representatives of companies from their own countries.

From the Romanian side, the Government will put forward a number of major investment projects, which will be made available to participants in the forum with the view to concluding public-private partnerships of great mutual interest, notably in the following domains: infrastructure, industry, agriculture, energy, and other domains they suggest. Moreover, representatives of a number of romanian great companies and smes from these industrial sectors will be present and open to discuss possibilities to conclude concrete partnerships.

We would be grateful if you could confirm your participation in this event before the 7th of October 2013 by filling in the registration form attached and sending it for the attention of: Monica Bănărescu - or Eugenia Ştefănescu -, or by fax: + 4 021 316 31 31.

I look forward to having your response and sincerely hope you will offer us the pleasure of your presence, thus contributing to the success of this first Wbf session.

Faithfully Yours,
Florian Costache President,
CES Romania

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