Plenary Session

Membrii Plenului CES

Reprezentanți ai Confederațiilor Patronale

Rogojinaru Liviu

Ciomag Doina

Cojocaru Viorica

Costache Florian

Dobre Florin

Dumitru Florian-Emil

Marin Dumitru

Mihai Florin

Mihalache Dragoș

Olteanu Costel

Rădeanu Ștefan

Samek Denisa

Velciu Valeriu

Vieru Dumitru

Vlăsceanu Silvia

Reprezentanți ai Confederațiilor Sindicale

Baciu Iacob

Apostoiu Liviu

Anghel Marian

Coarnă Dumitru

Dobrescu Florea

Hancescu Simion-Severel

Marin Florian

Maxim Rodrigo-Gabriel

Măntescu Iulică

Minea Radu

Mureșan Adolf

Nistor Marius

Stoicescu Marian

Tancău-Petrea Petre

Teoroc Ștefan

Atribuțiile Plenului CES

The Plenary session of Economic and Social Council has the following main duties:
  • elect the president on the basis of proposals put forward by the social partners, and submit his nomination for validation to the Parliament;
  • elect the 3 vice-presidents and the members of the bureau on the basis of proposals put forward by at the social partners;
  • adopt the Rules of procedure;
  • establish the structure of the permanent sections;
  • approve its own draft budget as well as the report on the budgetary execution;
  • adopt draft proposals issued by the sections;
  • draw up opinion to the draft acts, programs and strategies;
  • appoint the secretary general of the Economic and Social Council.

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