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1. Legislation

Law 248/2013 organisation and mode of operation of the Economic and Social Council (RO).

2. General Assembly UCESIF 2018

In the midst of the term of the Romanian Presidency of the Union of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions of the States and Governments of the Francophony (UCESIF), the Economic and Social Council of Romania organized the UCESIF General Assembly at the Hotel on 4 and 5 December 2018 Caro in Bucharest, Mihai Eminescu Hall.

3. Draft legislation

Draft legislation submitted for endorsement

4. Participation of ESC Romania at General Assembly UCESIF 2017

A delegation representing the Economic and Social Council of Romania, formed of Mr. Radu Minea, Member of the ESC Bureau, and Ms. Eugenia Ștefănescu, Head of the International and Public Relations Department, participated in the UCESIF Seminar on "ESC-SIs and the broadening of the social protection floor: state of affairs in UCESIF countries and future challenges", which took place on July 3, 2017, as well as in the UCESIF elective General Assembly, which was held on July 4, in Rabat, Morocco.

5. Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure of the Economic and Social Council

6. Dezbatere CESE cu societatea civilă din România

În ziua de 29 mai 2017, între orele 09:00 și 13:00, Consiliul Economic și Social a fost gazda unei dezbateri cu societatea civilă din România, organizate de Comitetul Economic și Social European la București.

7. Public acquisitions

Public acquisitions

8. ESC Mission

The Economic and Social Council has an advisory role in establishing the economic and social strategy and policy of the country, in mitigating disputes between the social partners at industry or national level, and in achieving, promoting and developing social dialogue and solidarity.

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