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1. Participation of the ESC of Romania at the Board meetings of AICESIS

A delegation representing the Economic and Social Council of Romania, formed of Messrs. Florian Costache, President, Dragoș Mihalache, Vice-president, Liviu Apostoiu, member, and Ms. Eugenia Ștefănescu, Head of the International and Public Relations Department, participated on the Board meetings of AICESIS and to a workshop "Good operating practices everyday CES-IS: assessing the impact and the added value".

2. Participation of ESC Romania at General Assembly UCESIF 2016

Economic and Social Council of Romania, represented by Radu Minea, a member of the ESC, attended the Bureau UCESIF meeting in Rabat, on 24th March 2016 at the EESC in Morocco and at a colloquium on "Adapting to climate change,  ESC-IS role in supporting public action mobilizing civil society ", 24th to 25th March 2016.

3. Draft World Business Forum

În cadrul reuniunii Consiliului de administraţie al AICESIS, care a avut loc la Aman (Iordania, decembrie 2011), preşedintele CES din România, domnul Florian Costache, a înaintat o propunere privind înfiinţarea unui "Consiliu Mondial de Afaceri".

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