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1. Draft Emergency Ordinance to Amend Law 62/2011 on Social Dialogue

Draft Emergency Ordinance to Amend Law 62/2011 on Social Dialogue Joint Comments of European Commission and IMF Staff October 12th, 2012

2. World Business Forum

Economic and Social Council organizes' "World Business Forum" during 14 to 16 November 2013 at the Palace of the Parliament and the Romexpo - central Pavilion in Bucharest.

3. Raising awareness and promoting social dialogue

Between 29th to 30th of June 2011 Secretary General of ESC, Mr. Marin Suliman, has attended the National Conference on 'Raising awareness and promoting social dialogue at local level and national social partners in wood industry' organized by the Federation of Trade Unions  Wood Industry.

4. Links to members organizations

Economic and Social Council - links to members organizations

5. Accession of the civil society in ESC

On 5/15/2006 the Plenary Session approved ESC areas of that may originate the representatives of civil society, other than trade unions and employers and how to accede of the their ESC Plenary Session, according to art. Article 9 ^ 1.

6. ESC concerned by the increase in attempts to amend the Labour Code

Economic and Social Council is concerned that in recent times, the attempts to change the Labour Code has been multiplied, including legislative initiatives, an expression of group interests of individuals or entities.

7. Romanian Representatives in EESC

The government sent to the Romanian Mission in Brussels to forward the EU Council General Secretariat, the proposed nomination of Romania's representatives in the European Economic and Social Committee.

8. ESC Technical Organizational Chart

Le Conseil Economique et Social est une institution publique, d'intérêt national, tripartite, des organes et de travailler avec la structure tripartite.

9. Useful links

Economic and Social Council - useful links

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