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1. Meeting of those in charge of communication within the 2023 economic and social councils

On 6 February 2023, a meeting at administrative level took place in a hybrid format, organized by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), which was attended by those responsible for communication within the technical secretariats of the EESC and the national ETUCs within the EU.

2. International Relations

Recommendation of the Commission's of European Council on the National Reform Program of Romania for 2018 including a Council Opinion on the Convergence Program of Romania for 2018

3. Online meeting at administrative level between the EESC and the national ESCs within the EU

On Monday, 27 March 2023, there was an online meeting of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and national economic and social councils within the EU. The meeting is part of the pilot program of exchanges of information and best practices launched by the EESC.

4. Links to members organizations

Economic and Social Council - links to members organizations

5. CESlink

The mission of the CESlink is to create a central point of information having the objective to provide information on the organization of the EESC and the national ESCs activity, the dissemination of the national ESCs' official documents, the support and development of cooperation among the national European ESCs, the facilitation of new ESC members' integration, the extended cooperation with the IAESCSI as well as the assistance given to the EESC with the view to strengthening the communication on subjects of mutual interest of the EU and the Member States.

6. Useful links

Economic and Social Council - useful links

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