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1. Draft Emergency Ordinance to Amend Law 62/2011 on Social Dialogue

Draft Emergency Ordinance to Amend Law 62/2011 on Social Dialogue Joint Comments of European Commission and IMF Staff October 12th, 2012

2. ESC participation at international events

ESC participation at international events

3. The Summit on Social Dialogue in South East Europe

On Monday, March 20, 2023, the Summit on social dialogue in South-Eastern Europe took place in Thessaloniki. The event was organized by the Economic and Social Council of Greece and brought together representatives of economic and social councils in South-East Europe, trade unions and employers in Greece, Greek institutions and political parties, members of the South-East European scientific community and experts of the International Labor Organization.

4. AICESIS-ILO – Online Meetings, Conferences, and Documents during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin has developed a guided course on social dialogue and industrial relations.


The European Economic and Social Committee is the European institutional forum for consultation, representation and information of civil society and the place where the latter can express its views. The EESC offers to representatives of the economic, social and civic organizations of the Member States the opportunity to play a vital role in policy making and decision making at the level of the European Community.

6. Accession of the civil society in ESC

On 5/15/2006 the Plenary Session approved ESC areas of that may originate the representatives of civil society, other than trade unions and employers and how to accede of the their ESC Plenary Session, according to art. Article 9 ^ 1.

7. Romanian Representatives in EESC

The government sent to the Romanian Mission in Brussels to forward the EU Council General Secretariat, the proposed nomination of Romania's representatives in the European Economic and Social Committee.

8. ESC Mission

The Economic and Social Council has an advisory role in establishing the economic and social strategy and policy of the country, in mitigating disputes between the social partners at industry or national level, and in achieving, promoting and developing social dialogue and solidarity.

9. ESC Technical Organizational Chart

The Economic and Social Council is constituted and operates on the principle of tripartism, its governing bodies and those working with tripartite structure.

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