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1. Plenary Session

The Plenary Session is responsible of the general management of the Economic and Social Council.

2. AICESIS Presidency

The Presidency of AICESIS is held for a two-year term, according to a principle of rotation on a continental basis, by an Economic and Social Council member of the Association. Each institution that holds the presidency of the Association has the responsibility to organize a General Assembly meeting - usually at the end of its term.

3. CES Romania participation in the meeting of the UCESIF Bureau 2022

On Thursday, February 10, 2022, the meeting of the Bureau of the Union of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Francophone Institutions (UCESIF) took place online. The meeting was chaired by the First Vice-President of the Union, Marie Béatrice Levaux, EESC France Representative, and was attended by representatives of the ESCs from Benin, Burkina Faso, France, Gabon, Greece and Romania, as well as the Secretary General of the Francophone Parliamentary Assembly, Mr. Jacques Krabal.

4. Organisation

The Economic and Social Council analyses the economic and social situation of the country and makes recommendations to the Government and the Parliament, in compliance with the Law, on:

5. Public Information

Purpose of the Law no. 544/2001 for free access to public information: obliges for public institutions to notify of its own motion certain categories of the public interest, set precise deadlines, arrangements and structures responsible

6. 2020 Annual Meeting of the Presidents and Secretaries-General of ESCs

The Annual Meeting of the Presidents and Secretaries-General of the EU Economic and Social Councils and the European Economic and Social Committee, organized by the EESC, took place online from 09:00 am to 06:30 pm on 9th September 2020. European Parliament and the EESC France.

7. ESC participation at international events

ESC participation at international events


The European Economic and Social Committee is the European institutional forum for consultation, representation and information of civil society and the place where the latter can express its views. The EESC offers to representatives of the economic, social and civic organizations of the Member States the opportunity to play a vital role in policy making and decision making at the level of the European Community.

9. ESC Mission

The Economic and Social Council has an advisory role in establishing the economic and social strategy and policy of the country, in mitigating disputes between the social partners at industry or national level, and in achieving, promoting and developing social dialogue and solidarity.

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