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1. AICESIS Presidency

The Presidency of AICESIS is held for a two-year term, according to a principle of rotation on a continental basis, by an Economic and Social Council member of the Association. Each institution that holds the presidency of the Association has the responsibility to organize a General Assembly meeting - usually at the end of its term.

2. AICESIS 2019

The International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions (AICESIS) together with the Economic and Social Council of Romania organizes the General Assembly of AICESIS, from October 9 to October 10, 2019, at the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, in the Grand Ballroom A.

3. Participation of ESC Romania at UCESIF și AICESIS 2018

A delegation of the Economic and Social Council of Romania, led by Mr. Iacob Baciu, President, and formed of Messrs. Dragoș Mihalache, Vice-President, Liviu Apostoiu, Vice-President, Radu Minea, Member of the Bureau, Mihai Dragoș, ESC Member, and Ms. Eugenia Ștefănescu, Head of the International Relations Department, participated in the UCESIF Bureau, the AICESIS Board and the AICESIS workshop, held on 7, 8 and 9 March 2018, in Abidjan, at the headquarters of the Economic, Social, Environmental and Cultural Council of the Ivory Coast. The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Adrian Marin, AICESIS General Rapporteur.

4. Delegation of the Economic and Social Council of the Central African Republic

On September 20, 2017, a delegation of the Economic and Social Council of the Central African Republic, composed of Mr. Alfred Taïnga Poloko, President, Mr. Nicolas Tiangaye, former Prime Minister, and Mr. Clément De-Boutet M'bamba, General Rapporteur, had a meeting with Mr. Iacob Baciu, President of the ESC of Romania and President of AICESIS, at the Romanian ESC headquarters in Bucharest.

5. ESC participation at international events

ESC participation at international events

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