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1. AICESIS Presidency

The Presidency of AICESIS is held for a two-year term, according to a principle of rotation on a continental basis, by an Economic and Social Council member of the Association. Each institution that holds the presidency of the Association has the responsibility to organize a General Assembly meeting - usually at the end of its term.

2. Plenary Session

The Plenary Session is responsible of the general management of the Economic and Social Council.

3. UCESIF Bureau 2021

On March 2, 2021, between 14.00 and 18.00, the meeting of the UCESIF Bureau took place online. The meeting was chaired by the President of the Union and the President of the ETUC in Guinea, Sérah Rabiatou Diallo, and the Secretary General of UCESIF, Mr Michaël Christophe.

4. ESC participation at international events

ESC participation at international events

5. ESC Mission

The Economic and Social Council has an advisory role in establishing the economic and social strategy and policy of the country, in mitigating disputes between the social partners at industry or national level, and in achieving, promoting and developing social dialogue and solidarity.

6. ESC Technical Organizational Chart

The Economic and Social Council is constituted and operates on the principle of tripartism, its governing bodies and those working with tripartite structure.

7. Secretary General

The Technical Secretariat, which is the ESC technical and administrative specialized machinery, ensures the smooth running of the ESC structures.

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