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Accession of the civil society in ESC

Accession of the civil society in ESC

On 5/15/2006 the Plenary Session approved ESC areas of that may originate the representatives of civil society, other than trade unions and employers and how to accede of the their ESC Plenary Session, according to art. Article 9 ^ 1.
Areas in which representatives of civil society may originate from:
  1. Academic and professional associations

  2. Consumer Organizations and Chambers

  3. Human rights organizations (including the rights of women, youth and children)

  4. Health care organizations and persons with disabilities

  5. Organizations for social services and poverty eradication

  6. Environmental organizations and rural issues

Art.9^1 (1) In order to elect representatives of civil society, ESC Plenary Session determines the areas in which civil society organizations and associations operate to propose candidates and the number of seats assigned to each field.

(2) Could be elected members of the Economic and Social Council representatives of civil society who meet the requirements of Art. 8 (a) of this Regulation.

(3) Civil society organizations and associations designate candidates for their seats in each domain.

(4) Associations and civil society organizations submitted proposals to the Secretariat ESC applications, accompanied by court decision or, where appropriate, by legislative act of the establishment, statutes, and extract their fiscal record of the candidate`s criminal record.

(5) The period during proposals for candidates will be published in the central media and on the website of the Economic and Social Council.