Methodological norms for Law 544/2001

Methodological norms for setting out the principles, the procedures and rules for implementing Law no. 544/2001 regarding free access to public information.

Law 544/2001
Methodological norms Fisier DOC
Application of Law no. 544/2001 be subject to the following principles:

a) principle of transparency - authorities and public institutions are obliged to operate in a manner open to the public in which free and unrestricted access to information of public interest to be the rule and to limit of access to information constitutes the exception in the law;

b) principle of unitary application - authorities and public institutions are obliged to ensure compliance with the law in a uniform manner, in accordance with its stipulations and the methodological norms;

c) principle of autonomy - every public authority or institution will develop its own rules of organizing and operating with public information and PR departments in accordance with the law and the methodological norms.

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